Thursday 15 April 2010

Leaders' Debate

What a shame the three debates clash with my local pub quiz night. I'll have to miss them.

But I suspect I won't miss much; I'll review them based on comments in the press and on blogs.

Some preliminary guesses:
- all three will be regretting they were bounced into it;
- none of them will make any glaring errors because they have been over-rehearsed;
- all three will show their hidden character flaws (Brown: wierd; Cameron: smug; Clegg: bland);
- Brown and Clegg will gang up on Cameron. Which suggests what'll happen if there's a hung Parliament.

Brown will do better than expected, Clegg will win as the "third way" and Cameron will not quite reach his potential.


Troy said...

If you want, you'll be able to catch up on the ITV equivalent of the iPlayer.

"Making the missable not necessarily missable".

Alternatively I could let you have my thoughts on them, although unlike you and Gordon, I may not know what I'm talking about.

Troy said...

Having described it as "missable" I did watch but with the intention of switching over to HIGNFY at9pm. Instead I was hooked and enjoyed the full 90 minutes.

Overall Clegg won narrowly from Cameron with Brown a distant third. Clegg and Cameron were "We, we, we". Brown was the usual "I, I, I". A classic from Brown was "there are 6 million carers and I've met many of them".

Mrs Troy's conclusion "Brown made an even bigger idiot of himself than usual".

Two more to go.