Sunday 18 April 2010

Leaders' debate reprise

I had a weekend full of conversations with normal people (ie non-political junkies).

They were at a relation's wedding (in Scotland) and a golf match - perhaps my relations, their friends and fellow golfers are not the most representative sample of people, but there was a consistency of views from all age groups and nationalities (Scots & English), and not all were closet Tories:
- The debate was too boring to watch the whole way through;
- Clegg did well but not that well - all he said was yah boo I'm not the same as you two;
- It's hard to understand why the media has hyped it up so much. (To sell papers? Or advertising?).

Again, too soon to say whether there's a germ of a point here; if it is media hype, the Lib Dem bubble will burst. Unless it becomes self fulfilling. But it does seem overdone.

And interestingly, just after writing this I noticed this comment on the BBC site...

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