Thursday 1 April 2010

A tax on some jobs

The Tories have form in wanting to limit the increase in NICs: one of their many practical suggestions before the recession hit in 2008 was to reduce NICs because they were a tax on jobs.

It's therefore not surprising that they now want to restrict this tax increase which will do direct damage to employment and therefore ecconomic growth.

They have been called irresponsible for suggesting a tax reduction when they have said that reducing borrowing is important. But this forgets that there will be three ways the deficit will ultimately be paid back, not one:
- a reduction in state expenditure
- economic growth
- inflation (none of the Parties mention this one).

Economic growth will only come from the private sector. State spending in the short term can reduce the harm of a recession: it cannot help growth because it sucks money from the private sector. This is the essential delusion of Labour, and is why they always leave office with unemployment higher than when they came in despite higher public sector deficits. It is what they are mistakenly trying to promote now.

A reason they are happy to increase NICs is because it hits the private sector: an NIC increase is irrelevent to public sector jobs because it is circular. And Labour appear disinterested in private sector jobs; they aren't where their votes are.

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