Friday 23 April 2010

2nd Debate

I really can't think of anything to say: from scouring the papers, blogs and comments and from watching This Week last night the debate seemed uneventful.

All three performed up to expectations but no better; based on my conversations with people I very much doubt that many viewers/listeners sat through it all, and the vast majority of voters will take their cue from media comment; and this is bad news for the Conservatives because although the Lib Dem surge is fading they will take votes from the Conservatives in seats they need to win. The Betfair index at the bottom of the page (I place great faith in the accuracy of lots of people betting money) has shown a slight rise in the predicted Conservative seats this week, but the average opinion polls since January tell the story.

Michael Portillo last night predicted that the Conservatives would be willing to accept some form of alternative voting system to work with the Lib Dems. That may be so (I doubt it) but I can't see much common ground on the key issues of the economy - where cutting the deficit is critical - and social issues is concerned.

A final anti-Lib-Dem thought for the day: they aren't really that different from the other parties: I've posted before on their dubious funders; here's a comment about their campaigning techniques.

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