Thursday 29 April 2010


One of the main issues in this area is the state of the A1. The large majority of people in the area want it dualled, for reasons of safety, convenience and most importantly to support economic development in this one of the poorest regions in Britain.

It's just not likely that a Lib Dem will have the influence to get this done. Interestingly in today's local paper he's quoted as saying that he would like to see the A1 classified as a national strategic road (because that would attract more funding). On the same day the Conservatives announced that they would so classify it. That is thanks to Anne-Marie Trevelyan, our local Tory candidate who has fought hard to raise the issue up the political agenda. Although Nick Clegg said on a visit to the North East he would try to find more money, his party's transport spokesman made it clear that the Lib Dems would not spend money on this sort of project.

I think this announcment is a massive step forward. I hope we get a change of MP to initiate it.

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