Wednesday 6 January 2010

Isn't life strange?

The Tories can think of nothing worse than Gordon Brown being replaced as Prime Minister. Yes, it would show that Labour was inwardly focused and had previously been lead by the wrong people. Yes, it could cause dissent from Brown supporters (unless their man got the top job). But it would also refresh Labour, give it all sorts of new campaign possibilities about it being a time for change and allowing it to jettison previous mistakes.

Yet despite being given the opportunity by Hewitt and Hoon to replace him, Labour are rallying round to keep him. He has brought us to near economic ruin, created a dangerously complex benefit and tax structure and (not his fault) is generally unlucky. But Labour can think of nothing worse than replacing him (because no-one wants to risk standing as leader in case they lose?).

It's surprising that the two parties - whose styles and personalities of management are very similar - look at the same issue with such a different perspective.

It's also surprising just how long bad leaders - not just in politics - survive because no-one dare trigger change.

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