Thursday 4 September 2008

(Truth is) The Daughter of Time

Radio 4 is causing me to have real concerns about the Conservative Party. I learned at the weekend that it agrees with the other parties in wanting major cities to have mayors: I may write about that properly another day, but appointing egoists to run big cities without any serious control isn’t an appetising thought. (Example, London?)

But the real worry came when George Osborne appeared on Great Lives nominating Henry VII. And this was prefaced by Malcolm Paris suggesting he also would have picked him had he been guest not presenter.

Henry VII??? The Tudor usurper of England’s great lost King, Richard III???

The first great tax raiser, a power hungry centraliser who ruthlessly put down dissent, is not an encouraging example for a potential Chancellor.

Truth is the Daughter of Time - an explanation


Troy said...

Your blog says Henry VI, the link to Great Lives states that Osbourne nominated Henry VII. Your numbering seems to be all at sixes and sevens.
Of course if you go back and edit your blog then this comment will seem really dumb.

John Woodman said...

I'm an accountant: Roman numerals were never my strong point.

Troy said...

Note to other reader - he's changed it.

occasional northerner said...

I'm a lawyer - roman numerals are the only ones I understand!