Saturday 20 September 2008

Finite Confundus, JK

Its shattering when someone you trust implicitly lets you down, does something so bad that you feel cast adrift.

I have been a Harry Potter fan for over 10 years since East Anglain Troy first recommended them. As well as enjoying the books I have admired the way JK Rowling has handled herself with the contrasting pressures of being a hard pressed single Mum to a very successful financial and personal life.

So the news today that she has given the Labour Party £1m, specifically endorsing Gordon Brown and criticising the Conservative's plans to improve the UK's broken social fabric, is hard to bear.

To be fair, rich sheltered celebrities are usually a very bad indicator of good policies. It's also probably good for the Conservatives that Labour keep Gordon Brown as Prime Minister, so any support for him is helpful. But it's such a shame that the Conservatives' long term plans to rebuild a stable society are traduced by JK as not supporting single parents, who of course do deserve serious support. (And who are not actually being helped by Labour).

Hence the title, drawn from a list of spells: it must be that Brown has put a confundus spell on her: Finite Confundus!

A parody on Today today suggested Brown as Voldemort - that is perhaps taking it too far. Pettigrew, maybe.

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Troy said...

I too felt disappointment and betrayal when I heard of JK's serious error of judgement. Should we organise a book burning protest?

Brown's Confundus spell does seem to be wearing off though. Last year about 60% of the population was affected by it but now it is down to about 16%. Seems to affect the Scottish and Welsh more - probably a genetic defect - but even they have have discovered an independent cure.