Tuesday 25 October 2011

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

So 80 or so Tories voted for a referendum in the next parliament.

Although they knew it could not happen: this parliament cannot bind the next.
Although they knew the European economy is in a bad way therefore harming the UK economy, and such a referendum would do further damage.
Although they knew such a referendum would weaken the Government's negotiating position at a time when real change could happen.
Although they knew each vote for the referendum would weaken the Government's negotiating position.
Although they knew that referendums aren't cheap, are a distraction and the focus at the moment should be on the economy.
Although they knew they are representatives meant to do the right thing rather than following the opinions of their constituency associations.

Why? Self indulgence.

It makes you wonder if the Conservatives can be trusted to govern if 80+ of them can behave in such a childish way. I am very occasionally ashamed to belong to the Conservative party; this is one occasion.

What's a bit depressing is that last week was another; what possessed those people on the Tory benches to be supportive of Liam Fox? He should have resigned earlier, and been suspended if he hadn’t. It seems that being on the right wing of the party is enough to offset breaking the ministerial code in a whole number of ways.

Westminster village commentators suggest Cameron did well to string things along until Fox was found out. Because the right wing wouldn't have accepted action until it was inevitable. In the real world people knew the whole thing stank.


Troy said...

I'm with you totally on the Liam Fox matter but not in respect of the referendum. The referendum call came from a people's petition leading to a backbenchers' debate. Surely MPs should have been free to follow their instincts and beliefs? Did you hear the one MP in the debate say that he'd had loads of letters from constituents urging him to vote for a referendum but the only call against was the one he'd got from the whips office.
The MP where I previously lived made just a four word contribution "if not now, when?"
Whilst canvassing with my MP in 2010 I lost track of the number of voters we put down as needing "the UKIP letter" to try and persuade them to back our MP rather than vote for UKIP.
The public will have their say one day!

John Whitehead said...

Have you seen the video on my political blog?