Saturday 8 May 2010

Where Next?

The smoke filled room discussions that are an inevitable consequence of proportional representation are proceeding.

A couple of weeks ago, I would have been horrified at the thought of a Conservative-Lib Dem coalition or even compromise. There are too many areas of difference, especially in economic policy.

But given the result of the election, it must be right for them to talk especially given Brown's clear intention to hang on as Labour leader until he is forced out.

Cameron's statement on Friday was polished and politically astute - if there is not a deal, he knows that come the next election he can point to it and show he wanted to compromise for the sake of the country; if there is then he can start cleaning up the mess and having a wider group on board should help the implementation of expenditure cuts. The size of the two parties combined in Parliament should also be good for market confidence.

There are clearly some lines that should not be crossed (as there will be for the Lib Dems) but if a deal can be done it will be good. Especially as it may mean there's a focus on the economy rather than on other areas. A hidden benefit could be that a new Government won't start meddling in the detail of how hospitals, schools etc work. Letting front line staff get on with things would lead to better public service.

So I hope the stupid parts of the Conservative party don't try to grandstand and oppose just to make them feel better and as revenge for a pretty badly run campaign. That post mortem can happen later.

However, I still have a sneaking suspicion that:
a) the Lib Dems will do a deal with a Brownless labour, and
b) in any event we'll have another election within 18 months.


Troy said...

Conservative MPs keen to leave the opposition benches need to pause for a moment. Without a decent majority to see them through at least four years, whilst public spending is drastically cut and with rioting on the streets, they will be decimated at the next election in the next couple of years when a Con/Lib coalition falls apart.
Let Labour clear up their own enormous economic mess with IMF guidance (like Greece).
Our choice is between (a)a Con/Lib coalition with up to two years of power then the wilderness for a generation or (b) Labour clear up the mess they've made, the Conservatives move back to a right-of-centre agenda and storm back at the next election with a mature leader like William Hague.
I'd pick (b) any day.

John Woodman said...

Troy, you make my point precisely!

Troy said...

....and to become serious for a moment...why doesn't someone tell them it is illegal to smoke in those rooms.

wife in the north said...

looks like you can sleep easy tonight