Tuesday 13 October 2009


Another great British tradition: Cliff! Well before the trend for one word identifiers ... Madonna; Kylie etc ... there were two all time greats. Elvis of course. But also the British version - Cliff. And he's still rocking on*. I went to see him last night, on his final (?) reunion tour with the Shadows.

He was as good as ever; the Shadows were a revelation...

Let there be many more final reunions.

* Comes from a song from A Slice of Saturday Night:

When they're all dead and gone,
There'll be one rock star rocking on,
The man with the quiff,
Cliff .. and his 4 lads,
Cliff Richard and the Shads

1 comment:

Troy said...

Glad you enjoyed the concert.
I readily defer to Cliff in the trend for one word identifiers.