Tuesday 3 February 2009

What shall we do?

Nick Robinson in his blog, and John Humphrys in his interview with Lord Mandelson yesterday morning highlighted an apparent difference of thinking between cabinet ministers Alan Johnson and Peter Mandelson on how to deal with the “British jobs” issue. This was taken as important – the interview often focused on it. But why does it matter if two people disagree? It surely must be normal for people to have different views and there should be no shame in such disagreements being public until a final line is decided and implemented. Much of what has gone wrong in politics is the spin and tightly controlled flow of information. Different thinking is good.

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Susan Berlien said...

I'm glad to hear some people think so (that different thinking is good)My 5 year old sure has some "It's hard at his age, but I'm hoping as he gets older it will be viewed as inovative and creative etc. I stumbled upon your blog accidentally. I was looking for one called Crystal Jigsaw that I sometimes read. But I'm glad I found you.