Wednesday 14 January 2009

State Sponsored Terrorism

I find it depressing just how many commentators are giving unquestioning support to Israel’s attempted destruction of Gaza. Neither side deserves unquestioning support.

The sad thing is that Israel’s move seems driven by the short term political considerations of their elections and the need for the Kadima and Labour parties to demonstrate toughness rather than any sort of long term consideration of how to resolve the Palestinian situation. The current campaign is going to delay a solution, and increase global tension. The US is obviously the main funder and supporter of Israel: hopefully, even if he cannot publicly do so, the new President can quietly use his political capital to put pressure on Israel, and to work with Iran, to slowly improve matters.

Having said that: where should he prioritise his time and his political capital?
- Pakistan?
- Palestine?
- Somalia?
- Congo?
- Sudan?
- Zimbabwe?
- China?
- All the others I haven’t thought of?
- Or even domestic financial matters?

Not easy. Where’s Jack Bauer when you need him?

I would vote for the first and the last of that list, by the way.

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